DIWG is renting out to Edeka and toom in Ennigerloh

Düsseldorf, 15. November 2016 – The DIWG asset management stabilizes the retail park in Ennigerloh through their lettings.

In septemer 2016, a rental contract for 2.800 m² rental space was signed with toom. The center, situated in the Westkirchener Straße, holds more than 31.000 m² of plotz size and more than 7.700 m² rentable retail space.

In summer 2016, the DIWG already had rented out more than 4.900 m² to EDEKA for 10 years. During the course of transacting the rental contract, extensive restructuring measures are ordered for the property and the parking spaces. The areal was bought in 2002 by a Danish investment group. The property was refurbished in 1982/-84 for a hypermarket as well as for a leisure and hobby market.

As of 2017, EDEKA is going to change the operating company and will extensively invest in the renovation of the retail space. Toom Baumarkt GmbH, which is part of the REWE group, is going to establish a B1-discount-construction DIY market.

Ennigerloh holds about 21.00 inhabitants and has been founded 1.150 years ago.