DIWG publishes “Trend Report DIY Stores 2018”

The German retail landscape for DIY stores is constantly changing. In particular, the disappearance of Praktiker and Max Bahr from the German market has led to a noticeable adjustment of the regional branch networks. The development towards a decrease of the number of DIY stores, which has been noticeable since a couple of years, continues.

New trends such as small DIY stores in central locations are only partially successful. New suppliers that bring the concept of smaller DIY stores to partially rural areas have meanwhile established themselves on the market. Online commerce still only plays a minor role in the DIY sector. Compared to the food retail market, the DIY sector shows far less innovativeness.

Rents and per unit space productivity for DIY stores are relatively low compared to the food retail market. This limits the design and technical equipment in DIY properties.

On the investment market, DIY stores are more and more in the buyers’ focus. In the medium term, this will result in a noticeable decline in yields.