DIWG publishes “Trend Report Electronic Stores 2018”

The field of electronics stores as well as large parts of retail are entering a period of change. The following years will show, which market participants will pick up the online commerce trend and can long-term bind customers with new concepts.

Because of that development, the requirements for a property will be put in the spotlight more and more. On one hand, the rental area improvement will be further pushed, on the other hand, the requirements for area flexibility and productivity will further increase. Especially current and planned construction projects will need to face this challenge.

Although there are risks, medium-term, electronics stores will be an investment with strong demand which reflects in a continuous decreasing yield. Upside potential through e.g. rent increases are basically non existent anymore.

Medium-term, the commercial landscape will also continue to change in the sector of electronics stores and therefore pose higher requirements to valuers as well as valuating this property type.