Trend Report Food Retailing 2016

The majority of property-specific market reports on the German retail sector are only concerned with so-called high street properties in 1a locations in the centres of large and medium-size cities or with the investment market for retail properties. However, the food retail sector is a submarket which is gaining in importance, particularly, as an investment class. Unfortunately, due to the absence of market reports, it is not readily transparent. As a result, our Trend Report on the Food Retail Sector (originally published by DIWG Valuation in 2012 and updated in 2014) was well received. In the new 2016 edition, we not only made a conscious decision to update the key figures for the rental and investment market, but also included new topics in the report. In addition to the competition between food full-range suppliers and discounters, the report discusses the various types of full-range suppliers and the main competitors which allows for conclusions on the attractiveness of corre-sponding properties.

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