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Trend Report Logistic Properties 2021

DIWG publishes “Trend Report 2021” The already strong demand for logistics investments in recent years reached a new peak in 2020. With a nationwide investment volume of around 81. 6 billion euros, around 9. 0 billion euros were invested in logistics and production properties. This corresponds to a share [...]

Trend Report Logistic Properties 20212021-11-04T07:53:38+02:00

DIWG Capital kauft und verkauft in Joint Ventures für über 100 Mio. € in 2018

Verkauf Portfolien im SB- und Fachmarktsegment Kauf Logistik- und Produktionsstätten DIWG Capital kauft und verkauft in Joint Ventures für über 100 Mio. € in 2018 Düsseldorf, 09. April 2019 Im Frühjahr 2017 erwarb die DIWG Capital mit einem US | UK Fonds 10 Lebensmittel- und Fachmärkte u.a. [...]

DIWG Capital kauft und verkauft in Joint Ventures für über 100 Mio. € in 20182019-04-25T09:15:05+02:00

Trend Report Single Tenant 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report Single Tenant 2018” Single tenant properties are not always core Investors like to invest in single-tenant properties, because the expected administration and management expense is rather small, while multi-tenant properties are accused of having a higher expense. If this is the case or not [...]

Trend Report Single Tenant 20182019-04-07T15:11:48+02:00

Trend Report German Office Market: A- and B-sites in comparison 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report German Office Market: A- and B-sites in comparison 2018” When it comes to making an investment decision on the German real estate market, most investors opt for one of the top 7 office locations. These include Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart. But [...]

Trend Report German Office Market: A- and B-sites in comparison 20182019-04-07T15:16:25+02:00

Trend Report DIY Stores 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report DIY Stores 2018” The German retail landscape for DIY stores is constantly changing. In particular, the disappearance of Praktiker and Max Bahr from the German market has led to a noticeable adjustment of the regional branch networks. The development towards a decrease of the number [...]

Trend Report DIY Stores 20182019-04-07T15:17:12+02:00

Trend Report Electronic Stores 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report Electronic Stores 2018” The field of electronics stores as well as large parts of retail are entering a period of change. The following years will show, which market participants will pick up the online commerce trend and can long-term bind customers with new concepts. Because [...]

Trend Report Electronic Stores 20182019-04-07T15:19:45+02:00

Trend Report Fashion Discounter 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report Fashion Discounter 2018” Whether in 1a inner-city locations, in shopping malls or local supply and retail parks: Textile discounters can be found everywhere. The market for textile discounters continued to have a positive development in the last few years. Almost all important competitors were able [...]

Trend Report Fashion Discounter 20182019-04-07T15:37:13+02:00

Trend Report Food Discounters 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report Food Discounters 2018” In times of historically low interest rates, real estate is still important as an alternative form of investment. Although yields on real estate investments have reached new lows, they are still significantly higher than traditional investments. In addition, financing conditions are also [...]

Trend Report Food Discounters 20182019-04-07T15:38:40+02:00

Trend Report Food Retail 2018

DIWG publishes “Trend Report Food Retail 2018” In 2017, the German food retail market has been characterized by a progressively discernible concentration and consolidation that has been going on for a number of years. The trend towards further increases in total sales area accompanied by decreases in the number [...]

Trend Report Food Retail 20182019-04-07T15:39:22+02:00
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